About Us

Pick up any MagnoGrip work gear and you’ll immediately realize that this ain’t your daddy’s tool gear.


We’re different.


From our signature red ballistic nylon to our patent pending magnetic innovations, the MagnoGrip takes the Triple Crown when it comes to work gear.



Superior Craftsmanship. We reinforce our tool belts with rivets at the key stress points for increased durability.  We use double-layered ballistic nylon to achieve a rugged lightweight construction that puts less strain on your back and more muscle into the gear so that it handles the most demanding jobs.


Cool Design. Our gear reflects who we are and what we’re about. We’re driven. We walk the walk and we want the ball when its crunch time.  If you dig that then you’ll dig our brassy red ballistic nylon, yellow trim and rock solid MagnoGrip emblem. It’s like having the beastly utility of a Mack truck inside the beautiful body of a Corvette.  


Practical Innovation. We build solutions to the things that frustrate you on the job site.  No, I’m not talking about your mother-in-law.  I’m talking about the time you dropped the fastener nut in your car’s engine compartment. Or the time you tossed your tool belt in the back of your pickup truck only to have the darn nails fall out.


We’re MagnoGrip and we make magnetic work gear.  Bold Magnetic Work Gear.TM 


Andre A. Woolery

Founder and CEO

MagnoGrip Inc.